The Central Lab, located at the National Innovation Park in Urumqi, China, is the hub for Nutrivero, Nutribar, and Suncella research, along with product development. The 20,400-square-foot (1900m2) center is staffed with many highly educated research scientists. As part of the IPAR ISPC methods, the Center Lab is involved in all aspects of the selection, safety, and substantiation phases. The labs are used for the development and evaluation of IPAR products.

Formula Stability Testing

Package Compatibility & Stability Testing

Environmental Testing
OTC Stability Testing
Identity Validation – FTIR
Formaldehyde Screening
Organoleptic Testing
Physical Product Testing
When there are
wide variations in active components of a natural or botanical ingredient, we select only those materials that provide the specified amount of these active constituents.
Furthermore, our scientists strive to formulate products to contain ingredients at the concentration or strength shown to be efficacious.
Once manufactured,
IPAR products are tested to meet their finished specifications before they leave the manufacturer. IPAR adheres to high product safety standards by reviewing scientific literature and conducting standard safety studies.
Once a raw material selection is made, we investigate potential commercial sources that can guarantee availability, quality, and concentration of key ingredient components.