IPAR’s manufacturing facility has controlled environmental conditions to prevent cross-contamination from adulterants and allergens that may render the product unsafe for human consumption or use. This area remains clean and hygienic.
Automated Production Line
High-quality products are manufactured based on top-class production lines, control systems, QA & QC, and trained operators work together to carry out these processes.
Advanced automation
High-speed tablet presses, soft capsule molding machines, and automatic packaging lines are utilized. Using fully automatic filling systems, any finished product defects are automatically removed, and products are scanned as an additional protective step.
Mixing, Drying, and
Our processing vessels use a unique coaxial design: centre shaft with articulating scraper frame and centre-bladed turbine mixers. these are also vacuum capable.
Temperature, Humidity,
and Light Control
Temperature controls are automatically maintained, and there are strong air-shading systems to avoid any influence from the environment. These systems help to ensure optimum ingredient quality. Raw materials and products with special requirements for temperature, humidity, and light can be stored in different storage areas.
Air-Cleaning System,
and Water
Our manufacturing base maintains a positive pressure, higher than the normal atmosphere. At the same time, the air delivered into the cleaned area is filtered by high-efficiency particle filters, thus stopping the invasion of dust and bacteria.
High-purity water is prepared and maintained by IPAR for production, using the Feedback Water Treatment – Sanitation Level Electrodialysis system.
Our manufacturing processes are clearly defined and controlled. All critical processes are validated to ensure consistency and compliance with specifications, and any changes to the process are evaluated.
We are developers and manufacturers.
IPAR’s manufacturing facility has established high-quality control mechanisms and a quality-assurance system; the facility passed the third-party regulatory authorities.