ISPC methods* (Statistical Process Control methods)
We developed the ISPC methods for our development and manufacturing processes, which helps us maintain quality, efficacy, and safety controls through each and every stage to ensure unsurpassed results that meet only the highest standards and comply with all relevant government requirements.
The ISPC methods utilizes the Six Sigma quality control process, which is focused on evolutionary and continuous improvement in the manufacturing process. It concentrates on solving existing manufacturing problems and the removal of the defects and variations associated with defects.
How does ISPC work?
ISPC methods are the key to consistent quality in our products. These methods involve a set of rigorous, highly integrated activities and includes multiple layers of scientific testing and attention to detail. It requires consistent collaboration and a unified commitment to quality.

We work with experts and raw material suppliers to gather unique ingredients within our products. the ingredients must pass criteria for effectiveness, suitability for the formulation, and consumer safety.
We evaluate these raw material sources to ensure quality and suitability for product formulation, and we monitor active ingredient concentration when applicable. Raw materials must meet our specifications to certify their readiness for product manufacturing.
We select what we believe are the safest compounds and highest-quality ingredients to incorporate into our formulations. We set specifications to provide a basis for active compounds, ingredients, and criteria for finished products.
By establishing ingredient standards and providing specific characteristics to guide consistent manufacturing, IPAR products are analyzed to not only identify the active components but to ensure consistent manufacturing and product quality.