Ablikim Mamtimin. Ph.D
Mr. Ablikim Mamtimin is the founder of IPAR. He served as the president and CEO of the company from 2001 to 2013, and chairman of the board of directors from 2007 to 2018.
Today, IPAR is one of the fastest growing direct-selling companies in the world, with its products being sold in Central Asia, China, Asia Pacific, and America.
Born into the family of traditional herbalists, he was influenced by his grandfather’s medical knowledge from an early age. After graduating from a medical university, he was engaged in pharmaceutical research and shared his results in the early days of IPAR. Together with his R&D teams, they conducted research on plant ingredients in the fields of immunology, anti-oxidation, cell biology and create a trusted, easy-to-use botanical product that was validated and scientifically tested.
He led IPAR down a path to naturally changing people’s sub-par health status with incorporated exercise, botanical products and diet changes to manage their health in natural ways.
Mr. Mamtimin’s business and public achievements are numerous, including being named an outstanding scientific and technological person in 2012, being awarded the Youth Entrepreneurship Mentor Award by the Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation in 2012, the Outstanding Manager Award in 2013 and the Annual Business Excellence Award by BOCC Global in 2017.
After receiving his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Medical University in 1995, he went on to study Management Science and Engineering from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and obtained his doctoral degree. He also received professional training from Wharton Business School in the United States.
He actively assists community development projects and international children’s rights organizations and organizations for the disabled. He serves as vice president of the American Cancer and Pain Foundation, President of the IPAR KID’S Foundation.
Mr. Mamtimin cultivates a people-oriented enterprise value system motivated by uplifting people around him and helping them reach their potential. Dolan is passionate about his family and enjoys golfing. A lifelong learner, he is always interested in trying new things, such as painting and photography, and he has fun with everything he does.
He is proud of his accomplishments, and all his life, he has wanted to make a greater positive impact on the world. He now devotes IPAR’s combined expertise in changing people’s lives.